Pray Your Way

Our Spirituality Department is founded upon the freedom to worship or not to worship, but the freedom to choose. The opportunity to practice spirituality and religion in the path of one’s choice is basic to the Signature culture as well as integral to our revolutionary business approach.

Perhaps most precious to our people is the collective power of prayer—it is most simply love, one to another, in the trenches of life when brokenness needs the hope of someone else, where faith is sewn into the distresses of others, where the bounty of prayer begins the healing of one, for the healing of all.

Endless Hope is here. We believe in the power of healing and the brilliancy of miracles and as such Signature HealthCARE offers its stakeholders and resident families three ways to “Pray Your Way”:

Prayer Chain
The Prayer Chain was orgininally designed for stakeholders within Signature HealthCARE to receive prayer requests via email on a regular basis. The program is free and open to anyone who wishes to recieve the emails – to subscribe CLICK HERE.

Prayer Box
The Prayer Box is an electronic form for everyone to submit prayer requests which are then sent to all members of the Prayer Chain, as well posted online for all to see. To submit a prayer request, simply click on the praying hands icon on the left hand side of the page to go to the site.

Prayer Line
The Prayer Line is a toll-free phone number that anyone can call 24/7 to have their prayers added to the Prayer Chain and Prayer Box.  Call the Prayer Line at 877-476-PRAY (7729) to leave a message with your prayer requests.

Spread the word of Endless Hope and how it is manifested in the air we breathe and invested in the fabric of who we are as a culture and people.