Signature Chaplain Corps

A main component to the department is the interfaith Signature Chaplain Program. Full-time Chaplains serve with hope and humility, striving to meet residents, employees and family members where they are, at the point of their very need.

Our mission is to bind up the brokenhearted and help heal the sick and aging, frightened and disoriented.

Our vision is through interventions and partnerships with all clinical disciplines blinding the lines of silo management to enhance wellness and overall quality of life for both the resident and employee.

The Chaplain serves not just as a service of prayer but a clinical intervention of hope and healing. The qualitative results are impacting emotional and physical outcomes as well as stakeholder purpose and family satisfaction, foundational elements for real culture change in employee and resident-centered pursuits.

We offer stress relief to the employee, encouragement to the resident that reduces anxiety and savors hope, and for the family member, the Chaplain inspires them with peace.