Signature HealthCARE’s Department of Spirituality and Culture was founded on the belief that nurturing the spirit is an integral part of human well-being. The department therefore was built on the emotional and spiritual healing well of unconditional love for people of all faiths and beliefs. It brings to light the rich cultural traditions of the residents, to illuminate the heritage of an older generation and make it visible to the hearts and minds of a “now” generation.

Believing that spirituality is most sacred to the human experience, we seek jewels in cultural differences and fold them into a library of awareness which binds and unifies the human spirit in respect and new understanding. And we embrace the social impact of unending mercy and endless hope as life-changing interventions of the most powerful kind within the fabric of healing.

This page is a dedicated repository for many of these jewels to be housed and accessible by any and all those in need. Simply click on the links below to open and view many helpful resources.

VIDEO – Prayer Prevent Mental Decline

WHITE PAPER – Spirituality and Its Value-added Impact



CASE STUDY – Chaplain Intervention Effects on RTH – Pinellas Park (8-5-14)

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CASE-STUDY – Chaplain’s Stakeholder Recognition Program – Buckhead (11-24-14)

CASE STUDY – Chaplain Pain Reduction Study – Lafayette (11-24-14)

CASE STUDY – Chaplain Fall Study “You Raise Me Up” – Rockwood (8-29-14)

CASE STUDY – My Life My Story Serenity Innovation – Spencer County (11-3-14)

CASE STUDY – Behavior Incident Reduction – Columbia

CASE STUDY – Weight Loss Reduction – St Peter Villa

CASE STUDY – Unnecessary Discharge Reduction – Port Charlotte

CASE STUDY – Nursing Staff Retention – Donelson

CASE STUDY – Non-Pharmacological Intervention Effectiveness – Memphis

CASE STUDY – Multiple Clinical Issue Improvement – Clarksville

CASE STUDY – Nursing Stability – Erin

CASE STUDY – Medicare Market Share – Chautauqua

PHQ-9 Pilot Plan (4-29-15)

Signature Chaplain Strategic Goals 2014

Signature Senior Chaplain Program Information

Signature Spiritual And Emotional Intelligence Promotional Flyer

AHCA NCAL Applauds Presidents Signing of IMPACT Bill

Coping With Holiday Stress

RESOURCE – Daily Happiness Checklist (1-11-16)