Signature HometownRural Segment

Community. In a word, that’s what Signature Hometown is all about. Our homes span several states from New England to Central Florida, but they all share one common thread: an intimate connection with the surrounding community and the people who live there.

Formed in 2011, Signature Hometown is comprised of Signature HealthCARE centers that are located in small towns and rural communities. A total of 55 Signature Hometown locations can be found in six states: Kentucky, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio and Tennessee.

We understand the historical perceptions of nursing homes and are committed to changing that view. Signature Hometown works with the Eden Alternative to implement culture change initiatives and has a thriving Quality of Life program that promotes wellness and activity. Boats, four-wheelers, motorcycles, even skydiving – you name it, there’s a chance Signature Hometown residents have done it. For the past four years, groups of residents and caregivers have even traveled by bus and plane to Walt Disney World, Boston and other destinations on annual vacations.

The goal is to fulfill the dreams of residents, giving them the experiences of a lifetime and make sure they are not only existing, but thriving.