Signature UrbanUrban Segment

Large cities are anything but one-dimensional, so why should the nursing homes within them be any different?

Signature Urban thrives on diversity. With 41 locations in mid-sized and major urban cities throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida and Indiana, we strive to offer programming that meets the needs and desires of the individuals we serve. Signature Urban offers interfaith spirituality and quality of life programs in our assisted living and skilled nursing homes that cater to the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural populations in its urban homes.

The same level of diversity applies to the clinical programs being implemented in those buildings. These programs include TransitionalCARE, which offers protocols for close monitoring of patients at risk for being readmitted to hospitals in an effort to reduce those readmissions, and our Breathe Life pulmonary care program, among many others.

Through new partnerships and our own expansion efforts, we continue to work toward creating integrated care networks for enhanced quality and continuity of care, particularly in the urban markets we serve.